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7 - 8 April 2023 | Pattaya, Thailand

Thanks to all golfers

What a fun weekend we had in Pattaya!

We would like to thank you for supporting us after four years away and for and bringing the Caveman Classic back to life. We genuinely love seeing the smiles, the camaraderie, and happiness that this event brings.

We try to keep it interesting and fresh and do not shy away from changes. So, if you have comments about this year’s event – good or bad – please let us know so we can make next year’s event even better. Your feedback is important.


That's how history is made

With photographers on site, we’re proud to present a photo gallery from the event, which allows you to revisit the moments of fun and excitement that made the event so special.

We invite you to check out the photos and relive the joy you experienced at the Caveman Classic.

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