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The Charity

29-30 March 2024 | Pattaya, Thailand

We are proud to host a unique golf weekend that allows you bring your B game and focus on mingling while knowing that you are supporting a worthwhile cause that supports fun. 


Supporting kids' Right to Have fun

THE Wisdom Playground

The Wisdom Playground is a Thai foundation that helps young children develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually and grow to be valuable human members of society.

The Caveman is all about fun and friendship, and we share their belief that kids should have a chance to just be kids. We are proud to be supporting them in creating spaces for children to play, laugh, and build friendships.


The Wisdom Playground installs playgrounds that use natural materials already available in the community. The construction process includes participation by the community, making it a source of involvement, pride, and community spirit. 


Khun Dissakorn Khunthara, the architect behind the Foundation, believes the Wisdom Playground to be more affordable and accessible to any community, near or far. 

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